The RETRO.HK Gaming Expo was formed by a team of volunteers, with decades of retro gaming experience, driven to preserve, curate, and showcase game hardware and software from the past, as a place for allowing developers, artists, collectors, and vendors to present their items and work in context with the culture that inspired them.

Our aim is to provide people in Hong Kong and abroad with a space to share their love of videogames, and to meet like-minded individuals. We believe that collaboration and cooperation between gamers and the organizations that represent them will benefit everyone, and we are committed to promoting that goal through our shows and events.

Since 2015 we have been hosting the annual RETRO.HK Gaming Expo. As Hong Kong’s first and only event dedicated to the history of video games, it celebrates over 40 years of digital entertainment in a variety of ways, ranging from a console hardware museum to retro game competition with prizes.

As a new media but also as a pastime, video games have touched the lives of countless individuals growing up and later on. Join us to see where it all started.

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