RETRO.HK Gaming Expo is a unique event in Hong Kong attracting a wide audience of all ages.

Hong Kong is a fast moving and always evolving city. Inside it, a space where one can take a break and relive or discover the past experience of playing with a controller on a vintage television is not a normal sight.

Our events are popular not only with the usual gaming population, but also their parents, colleagues, and children.
It also attracts many casual onlookers of all ages. You can see all this diversity in our many videos and event pictures.

We have always strived to keep the event free of charge to the public, but we inevitably incur production costs to create and rent materials for the show. These costs are made possible by the generosity of sponsors.

We provide offers for both major and minor sponsors – even individual items such as posters or display cases help us provide a better experience for everybody. Either way we provide full transparency of costs and how funds will be allocated.

You can [contact us] for more details.

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