RETRO.HK Gaming Expo is a unique event in the city and attracts a wide audience of all ages. From students to children with their parents, from casual gamers to dedicated e-sport aficionados, from curious bystanders to passionate collectors. We advertise our event prominently on social media, several online and print media and, on the day, feature live streams to reach an international audience.

We are trying to keep the event free of charge but we inevitably incur production costs to create and rent materials for the show. These costs cover various items such as prints but also the rental or production of display cases. They are made possible by the generosity of sponsors, in exchange of which we provide exposure to visitors.

Major sponsors will have their logo or name prominently displayed in most print and online media related to RETRO.HK published by us. Minor sponsorships – that can be broken down in individual items – will feature a logo or name on the specific item being produced (e.g. “print donated by” on a poster). In both cases we provide full transparency of costs and how funds will be allocated. You can [contact us] for more details.

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