RETRO.HK Halloween 2017

The Arcade @ Cyberport and RETRO.HK joined forces to bring you back in time, in the video game realm! Bringing you the “Celebrate Halloween with Retro Games” event, for everyone in the family enjoy!

The Arcade x RETRO.HK “Celebrate Halloween with Retro Games” Event was held at The Arcade at Cyberport from 28th to 29th October 2017 (Saturday to Sunday) 12pm – 6pm.

The free event welcomed fans of video games of all ages. Our aim was to let attendees get their hands on classic games, learn the history of video games, compete in family friendly tournaments and find and buy games and related local crafts from local vendors.

We did this through a variety of activities:

– Free Play arcade and home video games for everyone to play
– Retro Cup Game Competition
– Console hardware museum
– Video game themed music and entertainment
– Local artists showing crafts and local companies showing merchandise

The event lasted two days and was free of charge.

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