Dixon Wu

Dixon WuDixon is the founder of RETRO.HK Gaming Expo. He first played video games at the age of 4 when his parents bought him a Nintendo Famicom, and has been fond of gaming ever since. Beyond playing, he spent much free time in his high school years collecting rare games and related artwork, building arcades machines, and also researching about home console hardware. He then went to Los Angeles, California to pursue his studies on Game Design, was selected to be a member of the school’s elite game development team “Game Wizards”, and finally landed on an opportunity to work on the Spider Man 3 game in Treyarch/Activision. Currently residing in Hong Kong, Dixon is an Entrepreneur, UX/Gaming Consultant & Designer, who has taken part in numerous mobile applications, online game platforms and startup projects as the lead consultant.

Maurice H.

Maurice H.Maurice is the founder of [] ; a website specializing in retro videogames located in Hong Kong. He has worked for over two decades in the video game industry and has a wealth of knowledge about anything related to video games. His love for games started in the 80s on the Colecovision and Commodore 64. After that nearly every video game or computer system found its way into his hands. Nowadays he is trying to share his passion on the subject with his young daughter and everybody else via RETRO.HK Gaming Expo, Neo Geo World Tour, CTWC among other things.

Ray Mok

Ray MokRay was the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong game magazine “G-ZONE” and has been working in the game media field for over 10 years. He is now a freelance game article writer and responsible for game event production in outdoor areas. Recently he is working with local live-streaming and video production companies in order to provide high quality video content of game news to Hong Kong players.

Andrew D.

Andrew D.Andrew has been gaming for more years than he likes to remember! His first gaming love was for the Commodore Amiga followed closely by the Sega Dreamcast but he enjoys all forms of modern and retro gaming on computers and consoles. While not hunting down obscure retro masterpieces Andrew tries valiantly to instill a love of gaming in his 12 year old daughter and earns a crust working in IT for a Hong Kong based investment bank.

Gerard I.

Gerard I.Gerard had access to an Apple

Rhys Jones

Rhys J.Rhys is a Research Associate in the game stream of the MSc in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology program from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests include video game fandom and spectator-ship, especially the phenomenon of Let’s Plays and eSports. He has authored conference papers on the topics of room escape games, and socio-political representations in video games. He is one of the organisers of Global Game Jam Hong Kong as well as various other video game related events at PolyU School of Design.

Terry C.

Terry C.Terry is the owner of a design studio that is primarily focused on graphic design. The first time he played video games was in a family-owned video game renting store in the 80s. He started a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast gaming news fan site from the late 90s to early 2000s. He is passionate about 8-bit games above all and is still active in the gaming scene even at work. His past clients have included Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Konami and EA.

Oliver C.

Terry C.Oliver grew up in the 80s with the Atari VCS and the C64. His passion for the golden era of 16bit video games still being a part of his life today. With the Sega Mega Drive being his favorite, including games like Super Shinobi, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage), M.U.S.H.A Aleste etc. Also an avid fan of the Street Fighter series on the Super Famicom. When he is not gaming he likes to work out. Now being part of he is happy to share his passion for video games with everyone else.

Michael W. Tang

Michael W. TangMichael Tang is the founder of EKO Enterprises; A fitness hardware startup creating the world’s first MicroGym device. He has engineering degrees in both Information Security and Telecommunications, in addition to being a licensed Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. Michael has been obsessed with video games, both personally and professionally, since his beloved Atari VCS. With a particular focus in portable and mobile systems; Whether they be the WonderSwan, Game & Watch, Gizmondo, phone, GBA, Virtual Boy or Vita.