We started in 2015 as a relatively small event in the Central district of Hong Kong island, thanks to sponsorship from HMV. It was the first and still is Hong Kong’s only retro gaming expo. We featured a worldwide exclusive – the first public display of the Nintendo Playstation prototype (long rumored to exist). This exclusive garnered considerable media attention at the time. Attendees were able to see the console, see a museum of console hardware, and peruse games and merchandise from local vendors.

Since then, we’ve moved to much larger venues thanks to the partnership of several educational and commercial sponsors, including the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CityU, Cyberport, Landmark, and D2 Place.

We expanded the event in several ways, introducing a Free Play area where attendees can experience retro games on CRT TVs, and created the Retro Cup tournament – a live streamed competition in several popular competitive games such as Street Fighter II, King of Fighters, and more.

In addition, we have hosted several game developers and featured the exclusive reveal of various game titles, such as Monster Boy, Unholy Knight for the Super Famicom / SNES, plus many more and count with local vendor presence both on video games and related merchandise.

Past Events:
2022 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (Hang Seng University)
2021 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (D2 Place)
2021 RETRO.HK Landmark Popup Store (Landmark)
– 2020 RETRO.HK @ DELF Online (DELF / Cyberport)
2020 RETRO.HK @ Heart of Cyberpunk (ddHK)
2019 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (Cyberport)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ Open Days 2019 (Open University)
2019 RETRO.HK @ gamescom Cologne, Germany (gamescom)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ GameNeverOver (Read-Cycling)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ SGS Taipei (Summer Game Show)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ CTWC Singapore (JCU Singapore)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ 香港仔街坊福利會 (AKA) (Dragon Centre)
– 2019 RETRO.HK @ RSM Sandefjord, Norway (Retrospillmessen)
– 2019 RETRO.HK Re-Connected (IVE Kwun Tong)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ RETRO Macau (RETRO Macau)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ WESG (Asia World Expo)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ Toys Collectors Market (D2 Place)
2018 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (City University of HK)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ gamescom Cologne, Germany (gamescom)
2018 RETRO.HK @ CTWC Asia (Cyberport)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ RSM Sandefjord, Norway (Retrospillmessen)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ WeGoMall
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ GX Kuwait (Games & Media Ent. Expo)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ Toys Collectors Market (D2 Place)
2018 RETRO.HK Game Up (K11 Mall)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ MAGIC Monaco (MAGIC)
– 2018 RETRO.HK @ Retro City Fest LA, USA (Retro City Fest)
2018 RETRO.HK Re-Connected (IVE Kwun Tong)
2017 RETRO.HK Halloween (Cyberport)
2017 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
2017 RETRO.HK @ EMF (E-Sports & Music Festival)
2016 RETRO.HK Gaming Expo (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)