We started in 2015 as a relatively small event in the Central district of Hong Kong island, thanks to sponsorship from HMV. It was the first and still is Hong Kong’s only retro gaming expo. We featured a worldwide exclusive – the first public display of the Nintendo Playstation prototype (long rumored to exist). This exclusive garnered considerable media attention at the time. Attendees were able to see the console, see a museum of console hardware, and peruse games and merchandise from local vendors.

In 2016 we moved to a much larger venue thanks to the partnership with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The event was held at the futuristic -and very fitting- Innovation Tower, which enabled us to expand the event in several ways. We provided a new free play area where attendees could experience retro games on CRT TV’s – exactly like back in the day. We also featured the first Retro Cup tournament, a live-streamed competition on six different retro games (Street Fighter II, 10-player Bomberman, King of Fighters, etc.). We hosted several game developers and featured the exclusive reveal of Unholy Knight, a new Super Famicom / Super Nintendo game which demo was publicly playable for the first time at our event. We continued with the classic console museum, and local vendor presence. Several sponsors contributed to the event and we had a lot of local as well as international print and TV media report about the event.