Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Since 2016, Hong Kong Polytechnic University has been a key partner of RETRO.HK. In 2016 and 2017 RETRO.HK was hosted in their renowned School of Design’s Innovation Tower. PolyU Design has been an import hub of design education and research for Hong Kong since 1964, thriving in a strategic location bridging the East and West. Students can develop their design strenghts with a uniquely international cultural awareness at both professional and social levels. RETRO.HK works closely with the Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology program, which teaches one of the most established game design programs in Asia. Game Design students are given the chance to show off their game projects to visitors of the RETRO.HK event, and get real feedback from visitors for future iterations of their work.

Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The Innovation Tower is home to PolyU’s School of Design and is today a major driving force in the development of Hong Kong as a design hub in Asia.


Construction work began in 2009 and the whole project was completed in August, 2013. It has 15,000 square metres of net floor area and can accommodate about 1,800 staff and students. It was designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

Further information about the Innovation Tower can be found [here].

The Tower is located at the northeastern tip of the university campus.

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